Teaching Staff At Sandringham

Qualified Teachers

Mr Chiwenga


"Chemistry is the most colourful subject" Mr Chiwenga The Deputy Head of the school Graduated Hillside teachers college in 1995 with a diploma in education (secondary). Then went to the University of Zimbabwe in 2002, with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry Education. Worked at Rambanepasi Secondary school from 1996-2002, MCZ Chemhanza High School, 2003- May 2010 and MCZ Waddilove High School, May 2010 to April 2015.Before joining Sandringham High School in April 2015.

Mr Ruzvidzo


Graduated in 2007 Bachelor of Education Shona Midlands State University joined Sandringham in 2009.

Mrs Mahaso


"A lady must be seen and not to be heard"... advice from the schools Senior Woman, Mrs Mahaso who graduated form Zimbabwe Open University with a Masters in Education(EAPPS) and a Degree in Licin Education (Maths) from CUBA. Then joined Sandringham High School in 1 September 1991

Mr Chipuriro


"Physics is essentially an intuitive and concrete science. Mathematics is only a means for expressing the laws that govern phenomena"... says Mr Chipuriro Who Graduated Nust University 2021 Honours in physics Worked At Wedza high and lukosi secondary school before joining Sandringham High School 2022.

Ms Muchekeni


"Quality of life depends upon the choice of words..."Graduated with a Diploma at Hillside teachers college in 1995 then Taught in Mash central from 1996 to 2007 ,Chimumvuri sec Jan 1996 to Feb 2001 ,Nyakasikana sec Feb2001 - April 2002, Mutumba govt May2002. -2007 Came to Mash West in 2008 when she joined Gonza Sec then Joined Sandringham in 2017

Mr Chiwanza


Mr Chiwanza Graduated Diploma in Education 2010 at Belvedere Technical Teachers College and Bcom Accounting 2022 at Zimbabwe Open University. Worked at Gonza High school January 2011 to March 2022 before joining Sandringham in March 2022.

Mrs Chidenga

Food technology & Design

"CHIKORO HACHIDI KUYEMERWA, KUITIRWA CHIROORA, CHINODA AGGRESSIVENESS CHIGANDANGA CHAICHO"... Mrs Chidenga Graduated from Gweru Teacher's College in1983 STC Secondary Trs, Certificate and then University of Zimbabwe Bachelor of Education 2000 then Joined Sandringham in 1984, left in 1984 then rejoined in 2004.

Mrs Chiweshe


" Do not succumb to challenges rise, fight and adapt to survive 👉🏽 those are the features of tough species Born to live, conquer and make a difference in their life-time.Survival of the fittest Surrender is forbidden.To all true Historians.🎓 Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education.Taught at Alabama sec school in Kadoma then Joined Sandringham High School May 2007.

Mrs Muzeza


Mr Mugwagwa


"If you stop at general math, then you will only make general money."......Mr Mugwagwa Graduated with a BED in Mathematics fom the University of Zimbabwe in 2020. Joined Sandringham early 2021.

Mr Magenge


Mr Magenge Persued a Masters in Safety Health and Environmental Management at Midlands State University in 2019 after graduating BSc Geography and Environmental Science at Great Zimbabwe University Year 2019 and a Diploma in Education Geography and Commerce Mutare Teachers Collage 2012. Certified in Occupational Safety Health and Environmental Management at NASSA 2020. Worked at Nabalenge Sec: 2013-14 Kariba District ,Kumuka Kwevatema Sec 2014: Zvimba District, Burbank Senior School 2015-2017: Chegutu, Ameva High 2018-2022 Chegutu District before joining Sandringham 2022

Mr Mazhazhate


"Mathematics develops ones mind"... Mr Mazhazhate Graduated Jose Varona Institution in CUBA 1992 with a Lincetiate in Mathematics. In 2008 He Graduated at Zimbabwe Open University with a Masters in Education(EAPPS) then worked at Madzorera High School Before joining Sandringham in 1993.

Mrs Mtemeri

Textiles Technology & Design

"Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate". Graduated with a Diploma in Voc Tech education. Then worked at Magunje High School Before joining Sandringham in the year 2009.

Mr Mugwira

Technical Graphics

"The shortest distance between any two points is Chaaaah (straight line)".... Mr Mugwira Graduated from University of Zimbabwe with a BE.d: Building Tech & Design. Worked at Nyamutora Sec (1997-1999), Msengezi High Sch (1999-2007) then joined Sandringham High School in 2008.

Ms Kunatsa


"Dada nemutauro wako!!!!" Powerful emphasis from Ms Kunatsa who graduated from the University of Zimbabwe 2015&2016 BA &GDE Worked at Zimsec in the year 2017 then joined Sandringham in 2020

Mrs Bwanya


"You have to have confidence in your ability and then be tough enough to follow through. Graduated with a First Class Degree from Bindura University 2018 and persued a Masters degree in Science Education Worked at Nyagori Secondary School before joining Sandringham 2018

Mrs Mutsengi

Family Religious Studies

Graduated from, University of Zimbabwe, Women's University and Zimbabwe Open Ubiversity. In the year 2006 With BA Religious Studies, 2011 MSc Development Studies and 2017 Post Graduate Diploma in Education Qualification. Then worked at Gebhuza High Before joining sandringham in the year 2008.

Mr Chirima


Mr Guvaza


AKA "GUCCI"..."We encourage girls to take building Design and Technology as a subject" Mr Guvaza Graduated from Belvedere technical teachers college In the year 1988 With a Certificate in education Qualification Then worked at Seke 1 high ,Mandedza high , Kaponda Sec ,Nyika Sec, Chirundazi sec and Pfupajena Sec Before joining sandringham in the year.2004

Mrs Kurenzvi


Mr Mhenyu

English literiture

Diploma in Secondary Education - (Hillside Trs' College-1994)- B. A. English and Communication Skills-( ZOU-2002). Kapfunde High School - 1995-2004

Mrs Bunga

Heritage Studies

Her favourite saying being ... "nzwikable". Mrs Bunga Graduated with a Diploma in education from Mutare Teachers College then Worked at msengezi high 2004, moved to Presbyterian high School from 2004 to 2008 before joining Sandringham joined 2008

Miss Gadaga


Graduated from BUSE in 2021 with a Diploma in Physics Education then worked at Tynwald high 2021 before joining Sandringham High school

Miss Nduna


"Nothing in Biology makes sense except in the LIGHT of EVOLUTION." Miss Nduna Graduated from the University of Zimbabwe 2020 with a Bachelor of Education (biology) Worked at Kriste Mambo high school and CZA high school before joining Sandringham in the year 2021.

Miss Pagara

Family And Religious Studies

"Anybody can make history but only a great man can write it..." Miss Pagara Graduated from The University of Zimbabwe with a BA Honours and Post Graduate Diploma in Education at Zol..Then worked at St Marks High School. Before joining sandringham in the year 2023

Mr Mabhandi


Graduated with master of commerce degree in professional accounting and corporate governance, bachelor of commerce special honours degree in Accounting, bachelor of education honours degree in accounting at Great Zimbabwe university and a diploma in education specializing in accounting at Belvedere Technical Teachers College currently is studying master of commerce degree in forensic auditing and accounting with Midlands State University worked at Dorset secondary school in shurugwi, Midlands .Chevecheve High school in Gokwe South .Svika High school in Shurugwi then joined Sandringham in the year 2022

Mr Kurenzvi

Computer Science

Mrs Karidzagundi


"If you eat Today.. Thank a Farmer".......Graduated at chibero college, 2013 with a Diploma in Agriculture worked at Marisamhuka secondary,before joining Sandringham in the year 2017.

Mr Zvogbo


Agriculture is the most healthy, most useful and most noble employment of man..... Mr Zvogbo Graduated from UZ. Yr 1993 with BA,then 2002 with GRAD C.E. First worked at Vimbai High Norton 1994 _1996 then transfered to Msengezi High (Chegutu) 1997 _ 2008. Joined Sandringham 2008.

Mrs Chitsva

Physical Education

"Health is real wealth. What we will do with all the riches of the world if we do not have sound health and a strong mind"... Sandringham in the year 2023

Ms Sitotombe

Heritage Studies

Mrs Mangayi


The language that gives you hope.

Mrs Mtunzi

Food Technology & Design

"You teach helloooo let's clean as we go"....... Graduated with aDiploma in tourism and hospitality management and a Diploma in education, continoued to attain a Bachelor in education degree before joining Sandringham in the year 2008

Mr Mawere


Graduated with Bsc double major in Chemistry and Biochemistry from University of Zimbabwe year 2005 and Msc Analytical Chemistry Degree from BUSE 2014 then joined Sandringhamin the year 2005

Mr Mombeshora


Mr Chirinda


Mr Muyambo


Mrs Manhera


Mrs Muchingami


Teaching Staff At Sandringham

Student Teachers

Miss Zinyama

Physical Education,Sports & Mass Display

"The mind is as strong as our body if we are unable to take care of our body, the mind will suffer."

Mr Samende


"Intelligence and skills can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong 🏋️‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️"

Mr Gwata


Mr Tagara

Physical Education Sports & Mass Display

Miss Kakarahwa

Computer Science

Mr Regede

Computer Science

Miss Marowa


"We encourage girls to take part in building tech and design as a subject at O level" Currently Persuing a Diploma in Education at Belvedere Technical Teacher's College

Miss Tsododo

Physical Education Sports & Mass Display

Miss Shereni


Miss Mudzamiri

Combined Science