The HOD's Welcome Message

Welcome to Sandringham High School's Languages Department where learners are assured of best practices in their language learning experience.


The Languages Department currently has eight qualified employees. The department has been able to maintain a culture of high performance and discipline. We pride ourselves on a legacy of hard work. Our academic results have been encouraging, and we hope to continue improving. Our ambition is to continue to grow our A-level classes while maintaining consistently high results. As a staff, we have prioritised excellence to provide our learners with world-class service. We continue learning from our mistakes, and each new term brings with it new ideas. We have been blessed with a team of creative and enthusiastic employees. We can confidently and proudly assure every parent that if you entrust us with your child, we will do an excellent job. Our results are a testament. Subjects include....

  • English Language.
  • Literiture in English.
  • Literiture in Shona.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Shona.

Admission Requirements

To qualify for the two A-Level subjects, learners need to have passed them at O-Level with at least a C grade


The department oversees public speaking, drama, debate, and quiz. We recognise the importance of nurturing creatives and thinkers. A large number of our learners have competed and won in various areas.

Subjects offered

Welcome to Languages

English Language

Ms Mangayi

"The language that gives you hope.""

Literiture in English

Mr Mhenyu

A Perfect Experience with Excellent Learning Skills.

Literiture in Shona

Ms Kunatsa

"Dada nemutauro wako!!!!"

Communication Skills

Ms Mchekeni

Quality of life depends upon the choice of words.